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Hello there:)



Hello my friends:)  No we didn’t fall off the face of the earth and we are still in full swing of the Brain Balance program.  Continuing to make strides and progress.  May has just been a month that has taken us and me personally through more than I had planned and it took my away from my blogging.  So I am super excited to be able to start it up again and here we go!!!

Two major changes for our Dalton within the last 2 weeks.  His medication has been decreased by 10mg.  Which is HUGE!!  We felt that the weight loss coupled with the changes/progress that he had been displaying warranted reaching out to his pediatrician to discuss this option.  The pediatrician did agree to decrease his dosage and he has already shown positive improvement from this change.  This has also made me question whether or not we should being looking for a new pediatrician for him though…with an outlook from one of the doctors in the practice of “there is nothing that Brain Balance is going to do to effect his medicine or help him”…I’m not so sure that he is a good fit for our team any longer.  I will wait to speak with his regular pediatrician before making that final determination.  They have been in our lives for 19 years…will be hard to let go and move on because they have been fantastic doctors…we don’t have to agree on everything and we already disagree about some things.  And that is OK:)  But if there is going to be more problems on the horizon and too much resistance and not enough open mindedness…you gotta do what you gotta do for your kids.

The other major milestone is that Dalton made it through the night in regular underwear and NO ACCIDENTS!!!  First….Time….EVER!!!!  I almost did backflips down the hallway when I saw his smiling face this morning 🙂  Super proud of you buddy!!  You are our rockstar!!!!

Tonight we have his 3 month evaluation.  Excited to see what his measurable progress is and see how far he has come since the program beginning!!  Stay tuned!!



What just happened?!?!

Potty training…perhaps some of the most feared words in the world of parenting…BUT…they are hot button words in our house lately.  Part of this is because our mighty QT has been showing an increased interest in using the potty and we have all the tools and “tricks of the trade” ready to go.  

This has also caused increased conversation with Dalton about making it through the night and keeping his pull-up dry.  He never wears one during the day…hasn’t for about 4 years now.  So…I talked at length to him last night at bedtime about getting up to use the bathroom and then getting back in bed.  He was so proud of himself…but not nearly as proud as I was of him!!  Major accomplishment for him!  This achievement also happens to coincide with his mastery of one of his Brain Balance primitive reflex suppression exercises!!  Woot woot!!!  We had JUST discussed this exact thing during his progress report on Wednesday evening!  WOW!!!  

And then…Jasen put him on the transport for school this morning…and he came back inside with a perplexed look on his face.  I asked him what was on his mind…and he told me that Dalton didn’t have his regular driver or his regular van…and he didn’t outwardly react to it.  He just got in and buckled up…IN A DIFFERENT SEAT!!  Now…I know that some of you reading my blog are probably like…”Yeah, and???”  But our history with this type of “change” has been nightmarish to say the least.  This type of change typically results in throwing himself down on the pavement, banging his head on the ground and on the van, screaming, hitting and kicking, biting and ultimately leads to him not being able to ride the transport to school and sometimes not being able to recover enough to be able to handle school that day.  Hence the title of this blog…WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!  Those were Jasen’s exact words as he started to tell me what happened and marked 3 new HUGE marks of progress for Dalton!!  
Will NEVER be able to say this enough…BRAIN BALANCE IS LIFE CHANGING and the program really works!!  Individual results may vary…but we give it 220%…EVERY…SINGLE…DAY…  So…OUR results are helping to change his life for the better and the lives of everyone he touches.