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4 down with a holiday to boot!

Four weeks in and still going strong!  This past week added the additional stress of a holiday…EASTER!!!  Which not only celebrates the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…but also brings the extra bonus of CANDY, CHOCOLATE and STRESSFUL EGG HUNTS!! Holy…Shit… It is for me by far the most dreaded holiday of the year.  Not even Halloween or Christmas brings me this much stress and anxiety. Coupled by, of course, the fact that I work at my church; so my work load and mental capacity are already pinging at an 11 out of 10… #someoneshootmenow. 

Did my best to plan ahead and bought little trinkets and “tiny” toys to fill Easter eggs with…didn’t plan to load the Easter baskets up with candy, chocolate and sugary treats (and I didn’t).  First test of the day was when pastor handed out baggies of jelly beans to all the kids during children’s time.  After church he immediately gave them to me and said, “these aren’t healthy for me mom”.  What?!?!  What just happened there?!?  Is he making the conscious choice to not eat candy?!?  On Easter?!?  Maybe today is going to be better than expected!! Woot!!!  Especially since he sat still and behaved almost perfectly during Easter Family Worship!!

After church he waited patiently for Easter Baskets to be handed out at home, ate all of his Easter dinner with modifications, and was BEYOND belief amazing during our Easter Egg hunt….I started to finally breathe a bit easier and enjoy my day a bit more fully.  #thankyoujesus

Things continued to chug along but then he got very distracted, very non-compliant and very tantrummy (yes I know that isn’t a word…but I don’t care).  Screaming for screen time, screaming and throwing himself around like a 3 year old… #regression #itswhatsfordinner.   Regression coupled with the Skittles filled Easter egg that he found and chowed down the entire thing down in about 30 seconds before I discovered it.  #prepareforhellonearth

Things escalated and escalated more as the sugar started to work through his system…until he finally crashed and was I told him he was ready for bed…which brought an additional unnecessary layer of stress to both of us because lo and behold…he was out of melatonin. At the same time his MiMi had to go to the ER to have 2 severely infected cat bites treated…which completely sent him into an heightened anxious and worried state.  

Lots of talking, lots of essential oils and bedtime stories later…he fell asleep peacefully.  #whatarollercoaster. Keep in mind that I have 2 other kiddoes…one that ran an unexplained fever and was lethargic, clingy amd whiney all afternoon and into the night…AND the other was breaking out into her typical hive like rash from stress and anxiety and was going back and forth from pinging like a drop of water on a hot skillet to being a “i dont want to anything i dont want to do” uncompliant, teenage drama queen self… #ineedjesusandabottleofwine

In all seriousness though…still seeing strides and progress in Dalton.  More consistency of the same types of behaviors I have previously mentioned in earlier blogs.  I think the most notable for this past week is his increased interaction with his little brother QT and has been sharing more, playing more and being more affectionate with him. 

We have our first progress report with Brain Balance this Wednesday night…hoping for good news beyond expectations!!