Three weeks down…

We think we can, we think we can…still chugging along full steam in our Brain Balance program.  Dalton is continuing to blow us away with his progress. 

  1. Dalton’s fine motor skills are continuing to improve.  Much more control when writing and coloring. 
  2. The restricted diet has caused a slow and steady weight loss for him that he is truly benefitting from.  Not sure what his total weight loss is so far, but it’s physically evident.
  3. His desire to read ON HIS OWN is increasing.  He read 10 pages of “Pete the Cat” last night at bedtime and only needed help with a few words.  But he tried to sound them out on his own before asking for my help.  

We are tired but we press on.  We do everything in our power to help create a brighter future for all our children…and Dalton’s gets brighter every day!!!

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