Houston…we have regression!  I repeat, we have regression!

Dalton is responding amazingly well to the Brain Balance program.  So well in fact, that he has begun his first phase of regression earlier than expected!  This is fantastic news because it means that the program is working!!!  Woot woot!!!!  Our boy is a rockstar!

Here are some progress highlights from this week:

  1. His interest in trying new foods is continuing to increase.
  2. His gag reflex at food textures and smells is lessening.
  3. His apologies for accidents/bad choices seem to be more sincere and more effort is being made to not make them again.
  4. He is showing an increased affection towards Quinn…although he is still “an annoying little brother”…LOL!
  5. He is showing an interest in making HEALTHY food choices for himself.  

Now…all that being said…I also know that Dalton is becoming more aware of his physical appearance…and a couple of days ago he said, “I’m not gonna be a fat boy anymore!”  I’ve never actually heard anyone call him “fat”…God help any person that I ever hear call him that…because THIS momma bear does NOT play well with others that are ignorant bullies that mistreat her cubs.or anyone elses cubs for that matter.  I don’t care if it was another child or an adult.  There would be a reckoning and a “conversation” would occur that would put to rest ANY future desire for them to ever behave in such a manner again! #imightneedbailmoney. But I digress…

I’m excited and hopeful to see what this next week brings!!  I am so proud of Dalton and of how hard he is working.  It truly is remarkable:)  #mysonismyhero

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