But NOT McDonalds…

Today Dalton and I went on an adventure.  It was his reward for the most recent round of Brain Bucks that he earned.  We were heading to Toys R Us to choose a new board game.  As we got half way there…panic set in.  You see, I neglected to pay attention to what time it was and it was lunch time…#momfail.  And I started running through a list of restaurants in my head that might have  “gluten free, dairy free, sugar free” menu options….I couldnt think of any that would have something he MIGHT try.  And then I started thinking about taking him back home to eat… And then I thought that maybe he might not think about lunch until after Toys R Us and then we’d just go home and skip the rest of our errands…  And then a voice from the backseat said, “Mom.  I’m hungry.  Where are we gonna go for lunch?” 

 Shit…here we go…he’s going to want what he always wants when we are out… and it’s what he hasnt had in 2+ weeks…McDonalds…  So I very calmly (on the outside…flipping my shit like Daffy Duck on the inside) said, “I don’t know, buddy.  What kind of food do you want?”  I was ready…I was waiting for it…  Here comes the response… “Hmmm…I don’t know mom.  I’m pretty hungry…I want something good BUT it’s NOT McDonalds!”  I almost drove into the car in front of me… I was beyond rocked by this response!!!  

So I pulled into a space in the parking lot and immediately started searching for restaurant options around me…and I stumbled onto a feature on the Red Robin website that allowed me to choose things in a meal I wanted to avoid and… BOOM BABY!!!  Victory was mine!!  Chicken Stickens on the kids menu!!  Dalton was also excited because he loves grilled chicken and he said he would, “give it a try”.  

He LOVED it!  I have included a before and after pic below of my Dalton…love my little tour guide on this journey!!!  To the moon and back:)

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