Today’s struggle is brought to you by…

Today was a struggle…today was one of those days when just breathing feels like it requires more effort and strength than I have to give.  The little voice in my head is SCREAMING to just, “give in” and “give up”.  Today is a day that I wanted to fast forward through before I got home from work…my reality feels like the walls are getting tighter and darker around me…confinung me to the tiniest inches of my dark little corner that I want to to fold myself into.

I know that “tomorrow is another day” and that it will offer a fresh set of eyes, a slightly more rested body and a soul with fresh determination to pick it all up and try again…but for now…I’m just tired and struggling to keep it all together for just a few more hours before I can start the chapter of another day.

It’s been a night of relentless fighting and screaming intermingled with SHORT periods of distracted quiet and redirection.  A night of feeling like I’m taking all this on my shoulders alone without any extra support from the outside of my extremely fragile bubble…that everyone thinks is unbreakable…

But I fight on…fight on with the hope of a better tomorrow…

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