One down…

So…we have reached the end of week one of our Brain Balance journey.  While the progress is not measured as “huge” to most…to us it IS noticeable.  

  1. Dalton has slept through 5 of the 7 nights he’s been in program.
  2. Dalton has tried 12 new foods and 10 of them were accepted and he ate a full serving of them.
  3. Dalton has successfully accepted the elimination of all gluten, dairy and sugar from his diet.
  4. When presented with a new food that he doesn’t like, instead of screaming for the food to be removed from him plate, he tolerates it being left there and a new option is given to him on the SAME plate.
  5. Upsets don’t escalate to screaming fits and tantrums as often as they used to.
  6. Limiting screen time to 1 hour (2 hours on weekend days) each day has been accepted and isn’t being asked for on an “every waking moment” basis.

While focus still proves to be a challenge, I consider these HUGE strides!! #thankyoujesus. And while this may sound strange to some…I really feel like I am “falling in love” with him all over again.  Perhaps something that parents of “neurotypical” children can’t grasp or fully comprehend…but there are periods of time that I personally have to emotionally and mentally distance myself to be able to cope with the daily struggles…have to almost see things from afar instead of living in the here and now with him…the periods of keeping myself farther removed are becoming fewer and farther between…I find myself looking forward to going home to him more and more each day…seeking opportunities to spend more just “me and him” time than I normally would have…it’s been my defense mechanism…but it is crumbling away…and I welcome it!!

Today he said the funniest/cutest thing on our way to the Brain Balance Center… 

Dalton: “Mommy, Q doesn’t look like me.”

Me: “No he doesn’t  buddy, he looks like Q and you look like you.”

Dalton: “I don’t like his design…”

Me: “His design?”

Dalton: “Yeah…like his hair isn’t like mine and I want it to be like mine.”

Me: “Dalton…you are adorable.”

Dalton: “He’s my little brother…I love him…I just don’t want him to know that ALL the time…”

Love this kid to infinity and beyond!!  Onto week 2!!  Let’s do this!!!

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