She is strong…

So…last night we had our Assessment meeting at the Brain Balance Center.  It was an awkwardly quiet car ride all the way there.  So many unknowns of what the assessment was going to show. And in my mind I was in “IEP” mode.  #preparingfortheworst

Through my reading and research I felt that Dalton was going to developmentally and functionally fall between a 2-5 year old…and I was right.  Dalton tested with most of his results falling in the 4 year olf range.  However,  they (and us) do NOT feel that he has ANY type of a learning disability.  This was GOOD news.  They did confirm that his right brain was significantly weaker than his left brain and the program tailored for Dalton will be working to “catch up” the right brain to the left brain so they can better work together.

My mother and my ex were both present at the mtg and the importance of sticking with the program was stressed.  And WE WILL be able to tell if they are not following the program (diet, exercises, limited screen time, etc…).  Everyone MUST be on board in order for Dalton to be successful in this program.  And Jasen and I will do whatever necessary to ensure this.

The road ahead is long and overwhelming at this point…they estimate from his initial assessment that he will be in program for 9-12 months.  That’s 9-12 months of exorbitant financial, emotional and mental strain…#purehellonearth.  We are working on faith, belief and hope in ourselves, our Dalton AND in this program to find a brighter and more capable future for us all.  We will reap the benefits of the “all in” efforts that we will be giving to our Dalton 24/7. 

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