Out of focus…

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge.  Dalton woke up with a headache and continued to complain about not feeling well throughout the day at school.  It’d been a long week already and it was only Thursday.  He did eat all of his lunch at school though…although I was disheartened to see that he brought home an entire sandwich sized ziplock bag filled with rainbow twizzlers and rolos.  He immediately started chowing on the candy on the “sly”…which I quickly took away from him.  But he had already eaten 2 twizzlers and 3 rolos.  

This was his first exposure to sugar all week.  It didn’t make him hyper…but it totally threw his focus off.  It was completely apparent through the rest of the night.  During his Brain Balance exercises he struggled and lacked real effort which was totally a 180 from how he had been performing all week.  He moved and flopped around like a piece of cooked spaghetti and he added about 20 minutes of time to his complete regimen.

In addition to those setbacks he also showed signs of intensified emotions when things didn’t go his was AND he had at least 3 solid hours of “selective hearing”.  

By bedtime he started to rebound so I attribute that to the sugar being out of his system.  He was able to better follow directions, reach goals and have a calm conversation about change in his routine weekend schedule.

If anyone out there doesn’t think that sugar affects everyone differently…they are dead wrong.    Hoping that today stays back on track AND and am “looking forward” to getting the full results of his Brain Balance Center evaluation tonight.  #imadonkeyontheedge

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