I knew he could do it!!

Today was a day of successes in spite of a small set back.

A meltdown happened between the time Dalton got home from school and the time I got home from work…but as soon as I walked in the door ..he calmed and refocused and we got busy on our exercises.  No 30 – 60 minutes of recovery time…#mindblown. We then got to work and got 2 sets of his Brain Balance exercises in, he ate his gluten free, sugar free ALMOST completely dairy free dinner and bounces out the door with his daddy to go to his Brain Balance Center session.  Great report from his coach and then home to chill.

While we were getting ready for the next day, he said that he wanted a “home lunch” at school tomorrow.  Now…I knew that this was coming…I knew last Friday after his eval and new dietary guudelines that THIS day was going to be a problem.  I immediately started to internally panic…my anxiety was taking over…even though I knew this was coming and that the goal is to ultimately have him “brown bag it” every day at school…panic and every worst case scenario started to play out.  #justbreathe  But then I dug deep, put on my warrior mom face, pushed my personal anxiety and issues down and offered him the option of helping me pack his lunch so he could sample and taste things that would go into it…AND HE DID IT!!!!!  Tried 3 more new foods and he fell in love with the Sea Salt Krave beef jerky and asked for that, dried pineapple, veggie chips, a mixed berry ancient grains bar and a berry lemonade juice pouch.

Now…of course I will have to wait and see what his lunchbox looks like when he comes home from school tomorrow…but he was SO completely excited about this that I super optimistic about it!  I love that he is my tour guide on this journey.  I have learned so much from him.  #hesgotthis

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