It’s the little things…

I woke this morning a little more rested than I had in months…and that is because…Dalton slept through the night last night!!!  It has been more than 4 months since that happened!!  A fluke?  Maybe…a welcomed change and blessing to Jase and I?  Absolutely!!  He also tried 3 new HEALTHY foods today that he not only tolerated but seemed to enjoy:)  Today was was the first day that we attempted to do more than one set of his Brain Balance exercises at home and he came through both of them like a champ!  He even put all of his gear on himself, did a full set of a specific of exercises completely unassisted and he was consistently able to tell me what the next exercise was coming.  At the end of the day he earned his first “Brain Bucks” reward.  He was SO excited and appreciated it so much because he had yo work really hard for it!  No compromises…no giving in and giving up and screaming his way into a “prize”.  #mindblown

This program is absolutely amazing and we are so pleased with how he is progressing.

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