I’m sorry you feel that way…

I have received some negative feedback about the decision we made to enroll Dalton into the Brain Balance program.  There are people who have privately contacted me that “knew” or “know” people who have tried this program and it yielded little to no result…  First of all…allow me the opportunity to thank you for engaging.  I always encourage and welcome comments, feedback AND criticisms…although I do prefer that they are given constructively.  So in reference to the negative feedback…here is my expanded view/response…

What works for some MAY not work for all.  What works for us MAY not work for you; however, do NOT think that negative feedback  will diminish or put a damper the hope and excitement that we have about the program.  It is extremely difficult…but nothing worthwhile is easy.  We have done the research, we understand the science and methodology behind it…and what’s more is that we BELIEVE in it, the process, the program and potential.  We are giving 110% of ourselves to this effort and we aren’t going to look back.  We have already seen little blips of change and progress.  And progress is progress.  No matter how little, no matter how slow…Dalton is not someone who we are going to give up on.  Because he isn’t just someone who we “knew” or “know”.  He is our child, our hero and our superstar.

shel silverstein poem

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